Community Rules

1. Be helpful and be nice

We’re all here for the same reason. Let’s keep things positive and friendly (even when we’re sleep deprived and have a toddler driving us crazy!).

2. Don’t be spammy

We know you might be excited about what you want to say, but say it once. Also, this isn’t the Yellow Pages, so keep it fun and refer to point one if you’re not sure you’re posting the right stuff.

3. Don’t do anything silly (i.e. give away loads of personal info about you, your family or your kids)

Be sensible, don’t give away details about your kids, such as school names or anything else you wouldn’t want to tell the world about.

4. If in doubt, report it

If you see anything that concerns you, alerts BabyDating that something isn’t right and might need removing. Too commercial? Offensive? Over-sharing? If in doubt, report it.