Smiling Baby Limited Announces the Launch of BabyDating App

A free kids’ dating app helps children in the same community grow up together

Hong Kong, 14 September 2018 – After their child is born, many mothers want to find mothers like themselves to exchange ideas with, share information and enjoy mutual support. Some want their kids to meet other children so they can play and grow up together.

Many parents have already joined WhatsApp groups to exchange parenting tips, but often the messages posted are too broad and it’s difficult to find the right information. What’s more, relatives and friends are usually not as close by as neighbours, while kids need to play together at the same time and place. If everyone lives far apart, this is not easy to arrange.

After working at investment banks and fund management companies, Edith, now a full-time mother, faced just this difficulty. So she was inspired to develop a free app, “BabyDating”, to help parents connect with parents and children who live close by and share similar ages and interests.

“I know that after giving birth to a child, many parents need parenting information, but the information on the market is too broad. Parents need to spend a lot of time searching, so I will make their life easier by providing through the app information about nurseries, baby rooms, kindergartens, parks and paediatricians. For parents who choose to receive message alert from BabyDating, we will also share exclusive discounts from time to time, which we hope will help all parents,” said Edith Pang, co-founder of BabyDating.

Edith feels that the biggest selling point of the app is that it helps children to find playmates in the same neighbourhood, to enhance their social skills. At the same time, parents can join in the sharing economy.  “If you can find four or five children in your area who can play together, they don’t need to attend a playgroup. Nowadays, many housing estates have clubhouses, where children can go together to play. Parents can also find tutors who can come directly to the door. They can then share the costs of all this and cut out the travel time to get to a playgroup, making it much more economical and convenient,” Edith explained.

Once they open the BabyDating app, parents can simply select their area, and then easily find nearby parents and children who can play together. The app filters appropriate subjects and activity information for parents to choose from, based on user settings such as location and interests. For security reasons, the app does not collect and display the exact location of the user, and the email address is hidden. In addition to helping their children find playmates, the app lets parents swap items, organise group buy, seek advice and search for attractions. It makes parenting easy and fun!

Connect with your neighbours for mutual support
Create a new era of caring and sharing!

About BabyDating
We know being a parent isn’t easy, so BabyDating is here to help! BabyDating is a kid’s dating app that helps parents connect to nearby parents with children of similar ages and interests. With BabyDating, parents can find playdates, create group buy, swap toys, seek advice and search for attractions. While expanding their child’s social network, they will also receive useful information and enjoy amazing deals. For more information about BabyDating, please visit our website www.babydating.com.hk or our facebook page www.facebook.com/babydatinghk.

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